"The Price of Revenge is a well-told story full of intrigue, suspense, mystery, shattered dreams, and characters you come to care about. It involves a love affair gone wrong, a murder, and a battle for one man's integrity that leads to consequences you won't be able to walk away from. A very impressive debut."
-Robert Bausch, author of New York Times Notable Book A Hole in the Earth, and winner of the 2009 Dos Passos Prize in Literature
"The Price of Revenge is that great rarity: a compelling legal thriller in which the characters and setting are at least as fascinating as anything in the courtroom. Dennis Vaughn truly knows how to write, and his first-hand knowledge of his subject jumps off every page. This book is one that keeps the reader up all night, unable to put it down before its electrifying climax. I look forward hungrily to Dennis Vaughn's next book."
-Lorenzo Semple Jr., screenwriter of Three Days of the Condor, The Parallax View, and the television series Batman
"Once Dennis Vaughn gets a story underway, the big dominoes start to tumble. In The Price of Revenge, one thing leads desperately to another. The world of elegant, distinguished, old-school professionals, he shows us, holds as much trouble as any other. As the secrets surface, true character is revealed-as is the true long-term price."
-Ron Carlson, author of The Signal and Five Skies, and head of the creative writing program at University of California, Irvine
"This exceptional first novel is by a recently retired lawyer with a depth and breadth of professional and avocation experience. Mr. Vaughn's composition and conversations are clear, concise, and without pretension. His description of details and human foibles are relevant to character and events. The story presents the dark side of our current culture. The characters live in an ethical vacuum of reckless ambition, self-gratification, superficial relationships, and casual sex. David is a young lawyer striving to make partner. Ellen is a business executive. Her grandfather, though retired, is the founding patriarch of David's law firm–a beacon of honor from an earlier time. David discovers an ethical transgression within the firm. Ellen and David decide to "protect" her grandfather–the obvious potential problem solver–by not telling him about an emerging scandal. They are really protecting themselves from possible exposure of a sexual indiscretion that would embarrass Ellen and could threaten David's future in the firm. Instead of a straight course, they follow a winding path that leads them to one wrong turn after another, until they are lost on the road to self-destruction. Bereft of support from any traditional institutions that honor ethics, not even family, they place their faith (?) in psychiatrists, whose depredations make the corrupt lawyers look almost benign. Following the experiences of David and Ellen will draw you into their labyrinth, searching with them for an exit. As the pages in your right hand rapidly diminish, you being to despair of any solution to their seemingly hopeless lives. But then, in the last pages, Mr. Vaughn provides a resolution that leaves you pondering long after you close the back cover."
-The Readers Exchange, March 2010 Contributing Editor Hugh Evans, Los Angeles, CA
"This is a compelling story . . ."
-Aspen Daily News, "Explore Booksellers Staff Pick" Read Review >>
"Upbeat legal thriller."
-Aspen Daily News, April 2-8, 2010, Read Review >>

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